This reference site is intended to provide detailed information on the massive RAF and USAAF deployments for the East Anglian region of Great Britain and, to a lesser extent, the whole country.

it includes the following sections:

    1. Short histories and specifications for the principal operational aircraft deployed in the region are available on RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe pages respectively.
    2. Fuselage codes and group identification for RAF, Luftwaffe and USAAF aircraft, accessible from their respective pages.
    3. UK deployments, including dates, for RAF, 8th and 9th USAAF units accessible from the Airfield Locations Page.

    4. AAF Station numbers for operational, support and training units

    5. A comprehensive overview and chronology of the Battle of Britain complete with operational deployments for 11Group as well as luftwaffe dispositions for luftflotten 2 and 3.
    6. An article on the RAF strategic bombing campaign and the development of Electronic Counter Measures, (ECM).
    7. An interactive glossary. Click "" to switch back from the glossary to the menu.

    8. An interactive map of the greater East Anglian region to locate and view unit deployments.

    9. A recommended bibliography.


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